How You Get Paid Up To $2000.

Wondering how and what steps you take to get your $2000 bonus, well you will have all the answers by the time your done with this page


The first thing to know is that there are two types of superheroes we are looking for here at TravelJolly, Closers and Managers.

– Closers are agents who work under a Manager and every manager is assigned a pool of 20 Closers (agents).
– A Manager is responsible for assigned agents performance earn a commission override on each assigned agent’s sales.


Now that you know the difference between a Closer and a Manager, the first step is taking and passing the CSR Onboarding course designed to teach how to use our tools.


Equipment Requirements


1.) Perfectly Working Computer

2.) Great Microphone for High Quality Calls

3.) Good Internet Connection


After a Closer / Manager completes the CSR Course, the submitted learning materials will be forwarded to Quality Assurance for evaluation. Upon satisfactory scoring for the CSR Course, the Manager/Closer will be handed Login Credentials for our Dashboard (Mintmakr).


At this point it is time to start earning placement in the Manager Position. 

Manager and Bonus validation criteria: 

– Make and/or supervise 20 total sales or more during the first week and, earn your first $500 bonus in addition to sales and override commissions.

– Make 20 sales or more in the second week to validate your second $500 bonus. If at any time during the first 4 weeks the 20-sale per week threshold is not met, your contract will be converted to the Closer Position without responsibility for other Closers. The base commission will be reset to 30%. Good performance as a Closer may qualify Closer for reinstatement to manager status.

 As a Manager you and your team of Closers need to post a minimum 80 sales for the first 4 weeks as well as graduate the entire group through TJ University. This accomplished you become a TJ Certified Pro Manager.


If converted to Closer based on not achieving above, you are still eligible for up to $500 bonus. $100 plus commission for all your sales for the first 5 weeks, validated with 5 sales per week. 30% Commission + $500.


Now knowing the requirements and process let’s review commission compensation. 


– A Manager is assigned a Pool of 20 Closers (agents) under supervision and are allotted a full 40% on every sale. If a supervised Closer makes the sale, 30% is allocated to that Closer and 10% is override to the Manager. Opt-in calls, adequate to fill the time of each Closer are routed to your team and with good management, income should exceed $200,000 per year.

We Look Forward To Seeing You At Work!

If you have further questions please drop us a line at [email protected]